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Partners & Sponsors


We are very thankful of our partners and sponsors.  Without them we would not be able to continue to spread the word of God through our works.  Please suport our partners and sponsors!!!

STAR Media Group assists us with expanding your reach though providing graphic design, web design, event promotion, printing and social media marketing training and services.


 Learn more about STAR Media Group at


HIM By HER Foundation, Inc. (“HIM By HER”) can assist the City and State’s growing at-risk populations with our established planned and structured approach to job training, case management and life enhancing skills resulting in greater workforce competence, greater motivation, entrepreneurship opportunity, and overall improvement in life and work success.  Each participant gains self-esteem while each potential employer can gain a great employee with greater productivity and profitability. Visit the website now!

The Barbara Bates Foundation focuses on breast cancer awareness and education. Ms. Bates is a courageous cancer survivor whose foundation has contributed over $50,000 to cancer awareness and early detection.

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